No-account Transfers

Transfers and transactions without opening an account

If your want to make transfers to RA state budget, but do not have an account, simply visit any branch of Inecobank and transfer the sum or carry out cash register operation via "Transfers and transactions without account" service of the Bank.

Transfers in RA without account

Transfer to RA Budget (AMD)
1%, minimum 1000  AMD

Change of terms or cancellation of the transfer

AMD 1 500 
Reference or information provision fee (maximum up to 5 years)
AMD 5 000 
Terms and conditions of fast money transfer systems are regulated by the rules of the following payment and settlement system.
To make a transfer you need to submit:
  • Personal identification document for transactions exceeding AMD 400 000 
  • Requisites of the recipient's bank ( based on the transfer, the  Public Service Number  or the reference number of not receiving PSA may be required )

Cash register transactions

Exchange of old AMD banknotes
No Fee
Exchange of old USD, EUR and RUB banknotes as well as USD banknotes issued before 1996 

5%, minimum AMD 500 

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