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Customer rights
Dear Customer: 

You are entitled to receive the following information on "INECOBANK" CJSC:

Copy of the information stipulated by Article 20 (3) and Article 43 (2)of the RA Law "On Banks and Banking," as well as by Articles 16, Article 120 and Article 126 (1) of the RA Law "On Securities Market."

The Bank provides the information within 5 (five) business days of receipt of the written application. The written application can be submitted in the following ways:

  • in person, at the Head Office or at any branch of the Bank (see the Bank's branch list in the "MAP" section);
  • electronically: 
  • applying via "Contact Us" form,
  • via post: 17 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, 0001, RA, "Inecobank" CJSC

The information is provided via the means mentioned in the application, and in case of the absence of such notice via the means, the application was submitted.

AMD 3 fee per page will be charged if the information is provided in the paper. In the case of postal delivery, shipping costs are also charged. Electronic delivery is free of charge.

The review and reply procedure for the applications, complaints, and suggestions provided by the customer, is regulated by the Regulation "On customer complaints acceptance and review," adopted by the Management of the Bank on April 5, 2017.

The below-mentioned steps provide information as to how you can refer your questions or complaints to the Bank:

  • in person, at the Head Office or at any branch of the Bank (see the Bank's branch list in the "Contact Us" section);
  • electronically:,
  • via post: 17 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, 0001, RA, "Inecobank" CJSC
  • via telephone: +374 (10) 510 510 
Claims arising from a transaction conducted between the Bank and the Customer related to the services provided by the Bank and containing a property claim not exceeding 10 mil AMD or its equivalent in foreign currency may be submitted by the Customer to the financial system mediator as prescribed by the RA Law “On Financial System Mediator”. The individuals as well as other sole proprietors or legal entity customers can apply to the financial system mediator who at the time of applying are considered as subjects of microenterprise according to the Tax Code of the Republic of Armenia.

We would also like to inform that the Bank has signed an agreement on waiving the right to dispute the decisions of the financial system mediator. By this agreement the Bank has waived the right to dispute in court the decisions made by financial system mediator against the Bank which include property claims not exceeding the amount of 250 000 AMD or the equivalent foreign currency and claims not exceeding the transaction amount of 500 000 AMD or the equivalent foreign currency.

Office of the Financial System Mediator
Mediator: Piruz Sargsyan
Address: 15 M. Khorenatsi street, Yerevan, 0010, RA
"Elit Plaza" Business Center, 7th floor

Telephone: +374 (60) 70 11 11
FAX: +374 (10) 58 24 211

Working hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00
Lunch break: 13:00 - 14:00

You can send inquiries on the environmental and social issues of the subprojects financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) either via email address or +374 (10) 510 510 telephone number.

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