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Order Visa Digital cards

Purchases and online payments with Inecobank Visa Digital cards are now more convenient than ever. Add Visa Digital also to Apple Pay and Google Pay e-wallets and, in addition to cashless transactions, enjoy the possibility of cash withdrawal from ATMs also with a digital card.
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One-time issue fee

Why to get a Digital card from Inecobank?

Urgent card activation

Urgent card activation

Order a Visa Digital card through the InecoOnline system or the InecoMobile application already with a validity period of 3 years. The digital card will become available in your mobile banking within no more than within 5 minutes, for 24/7. You can make any transaction online through the Visa Digital card, without the need for physical card. You can attach it to Apple Pay and Google Pay e-wallets and enjoy free cash withdrawals from all Inecobank ATMs.

Security systems

Security systems

Inecobank cards are equipped with modern security technologies, to make your online transaction process even more secure. Depending on the online merchant, you will receive an SMS notification with a one-time code, after entering it, your transaction will be considered confirmed.



Visa Digital card is available only digitally. The card is not printed and the card data is provided to you via the InecoMobile application. If you do not want to reveal your main card details while making payments, order a Visa Digital card and pay for online purchases, subscriptions to various services or other online transactions with your Visa Digital card.

Updated as of 28.03.2024 10:11