Order Visa Classic cards in Inecobank!

Order Visa Digital cards

Online shopping and payments over the Internet are more convenient than ever with Inecobank Visa Digital cards. 
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One-time issue fee

Why to get a Digital card from Inecobank?

Urgent card activation

Urgent card activation

Order a Visa Digital card via the InecoMobile application and it will be available 24/7 on your application within maximum two minutes. You can make any online transaction with Visa Digital cards in case of which no physical presence of card is required.

Security systems

Security systems

The shopping process with a Visa Digital card becomes more secure and reliable. The Inecobank Visa Digital card is equipped with 3D Secure technologies. With this card you are insured against the possible risks and consequences of losing or stealing of the card.



Visa Digital card is available only digitally. The card is not printed and the card data is provided to you via the InecoMobile application. If you do not want to reveal your main card details while making payments, order a Visa Digital card and pay for online purchases, subscriptions to various services or other online transactions with your Visa Digital card.

Updated as of 02.08.2022 11:17