Invest in Simple deposit in Inecobank

Simple Deposit

Invest in Inecobank's highly - profitable, fixed-rate "Simple" deposit. Make your dreams come true with us!
Highest interest rate
Up to36months
Maturity Period
5.5 - 9.75%
Annual Interest Rate
High Profitability
online banking
High Interest Rates via InecoOnline & InecoMobile

Deposit Calculator

Annual interest rate
19 000֏
Interest amount before taxation
217 100֏
Total amount after taxation

Why to save with Inecobank?

Invest Online

Invest Online in Inecobank

You can open deposit accounts both in the branches of Inecobank and through our modern distance banking solutions, InecoOnline and InecoMobile. In case of investing deposits in AMD and USD in Inecobank Branches and Central Office for a period of one year or more, the interest rates will be  0.25  (for AMD) and 0․15 (for USD) points lower than published on the webpage.

Fixed-Rate Long-Term Deposits

invest in highly profitable and fixed-rate deposit accounts in Inecobank

When choosing Inecobank as your deposit partner, you get the opportunity to invest in highly profitable and fixed-rate deposit accounts with up to 3 (three) years of maturity period. 

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