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Order one of the best premium cards in Armenia - World Mastercard Black Edition at Inecobank. It gives the cardholder unique opportunities both in Armenia and in any country around the world.
֏ $ € ₽
70 000֏
Annual service fee
Validity period

More than a card...

Travel Insurance Package

Inecobank World Master Black Card travel insurance advantage
By acquiring Inecobank Premium World MasterCard Black Edition card you can benefit from the free travel insurance that comes with the card, which provides insurance worldwide for both you and your the family traveling with you. 

Priority Pass

Inecobank World MasterCard Black Edition card Priority Pass advantage
Inecobank's World MasterCard Black Edition cardholders are provided with a Priority Pass card, which provides access to VIP lounges at more than 600 airports around the world. Our cardholders can access these lounges free of charge once a year.

International Concierge Service

Inecobank Black Edition Card Concierge Service

Inecobank cardholders are provided with the opportunity to enjoy international concierge 24/7 service. We have established partnership with British Aspire Lifestyle company, which for over 25 years has been providing mediated services anywhere around the world. Be it an air ticket reservation, a favorite gift, or participation in an event, your concierge will support the fulfillment of your wishes both in Armenia and abroad.

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