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What is Apple Pay


Apple Pay is an easier, faster and safer way to make non-cash payments worldwide. Make it available also on your iPhone and Apple Watch!


How to get started


To activate Apple Pay, you need to open the Wallet app, add your Inecobank MasterCard or Visa cards there and enjoy the full convenience of making payments with Apple Pay.

Inecobank_How_to_pay_with_Apple _Pay

How to pay with Apple Pay


  • To pay with Face ID, make double-click on the side button, glance at your screen, then hold iPhone near the reader

  • To pay with Touch ID, hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID.

  •  For Apple Watch, make double-click on the side button and hold Apple Watch close to the reader.

When paying with Apple Pay, a virtual card number is used instead of the real card number. Your card information isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay.

Updated as of 18.01.2022 17:26