What is a bond?

A bond is an investment instrument with high yield that provides investors with regular interest payments by repaying the principal (i.e. amount borrowed) of the bond at the maturity date as well as interest over a specific amount of time.

It is a reliable way to manage your own funds, which enables you to receive from the bank the nominal value of the bond and interests in the form of a coupon. A bond is a profitable investment solution even if you want to sell the bond in the stock market still keeping the interests paid.

Advantages of Bonds

A guaranteed investment for the future

2. money_safety

Bonds are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the same way as the bank deposits.

Bonds are tax-free


Income from bonds listed on the RA Stock Exchange is released from income tax and profit tax of non-residents.

Premium Services


Opportunity to get access to Premium Services.

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