Escrow Account in Inecobank

Open an Escrow account in Inecobank!

Do you want to reduce your trading transaction risks? We offer opening an Escrow account in Inecobank, where you can deploy (freeze) financial assets for a transaction, service or product purchase as a guarantee. The amount is provided to the mentioned party only when submitting a document stating the fulfillment of liabilities stipulated by the contract. 

Escrow Account Advantages


If you want to buy a valuable product or use a service requiring extensive financial investment, we are offering you to open an Escrow account in Inecobank and avoid possible fraud cases. Sign a trilateral agreement with the vendor and the bank mentioning the nature of the transaction, the sum, payment conditions, deadlines and other provisions relevant to the transaction.


Contract Safety

Escrow account in Inecobank contract safety

You transactions can be secure. Due to Escrow account the funds are frozen on a special account in the Bank and are provided to the vendor only when the liabilities stipulated by the contract are fulfilled and the relevant documentation is provided. 

Return of Financial Means

Escrow account advantages financial means return

If the service provider or seller does not fulfill the liabilities stipulated by the contract, the financial means frozen on Escrow account is returned to the side that replenished the account.  

Updated as of 30.11.2023 15:18