Accident Insurance

Be insured against accidents

Personal accident insurance is an affordable/light, simple and universal insurance type. It provides financial protection against risks such as permanent as well as temporary disabilities and even death, due to accidents in production, natural disasters, car accidents, third-party wrongful acts, terrorism, etc.

The amount of the insurance in case of mortgage loans equals to the principal amount of the loan.

The insurance payments is calculated as 0,16% of insurance mount (minimum` AMD 1000).

As a rule, the initial term of Accident insurances,  is one year and it's required to be prolonged until the end of the loan term.

Accident insurance comes into effect  on the next day of signing the agreement, at midnight (the date can be postponed if the insurant wishes so).

The agreement is terminated at the end of the term or after meeting the obligations by the Insurants.

Insurance companies

Inecobank cooperates with a range of leading insurance companies, providing insurance services to its customers. Insurance policies can be obtained at any of our branches.


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