Insure your property

Insure your property

You can insure your property by visiting any of our branches. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you and answer your questions about property insurance.

Within the service of property insurance the Bank insures any kind of a living space, except for poor condition buildings. The information on the condition of the building is mentioned the evaluation act. The purpose of the present insurance is to insure against occurrence of unfavorable events, which may cause in damage of your property.

The maximum amount of the Insurance sum is the actual market price of the property.

The actual market price of the property is it's price for the moment of the contract, which is defined according to documents (i.e. conclusion of a certified evaluation agency, buy-sell agreement) presented by the Insurant.

  • In case of mortgaging the property, the amount of insurance sum is determined by the Bank,

  • Insurance payment is calculated as 0,16% of property's market value (minimum` AMD 2000),

  • As a rule, the initial term of Property insurance is one year and it's required to be prolonged until the end of the loan term.

Insurance companies

Inecobank cooperates with a range of leading insurance companies, providing insurance services to its customers. Insurance policies can be obtained at any of our branches.


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