Sign Your CMTPL Policy

Car insurance is one of the important purchases you make. Save your time and funds when signing the policy agreement online! 


We offer a compulsory motor third-party liability insurance (CMTPLI).

In case of vehicle insurance at Inecobank you will have the following advantages:

  • In case of concluding CMTPL insurance contract online you will have 5% discount from the established insurance payment,

  • The contract conclusion takes a few minutes.

  • The CMTPLI contract is concluded for a period of 1-12 months.

The maximum amount of compensation (sum insured) provided by CMTPLI contract per one insured accident makes:

  • AMD 3,300,000 for personal injuries by one injured,

  • AMD 10,000,000 per accident,

  • AMD 1,800,000 for property damages by each insured accident.

Insurance companies

We cooperate with leading insurance companies, with who you can sign a CMTPL Policy through Inecobank's official webpage. Click on the icon, to view the terms and conditions provided by the Insurance Company for CMTPL service.

Updated as of 04.03.2021 18:22