InecoOnline digital banking solution


Get 24/7 access and manage your accounts from anywhere around the world with InecoOnline solution.


What is InecoOnline ?

InecoOnline is a reliable and secure digital banking solution that enables our customers to access almost all banking services through a PC with internet connection, without visiting the bank. With the help of InecoOnline, you’ll have access to basic banking services such as getting loans, making deposits, accounts management and receipt of information, money transfers, foreign currency non-cash conversions, etcetera, and all this without visiting the bank.



Card Account Management 

Thanks to InecoOnline system you can easily manage your card accounts and carry out a number of non-cash transactions. With InecoOnline you can:

  • Order a new payment card
  • Link your cards issued by other banks 
  • Apply for reissue of an existing card
  • Modify cash withdrawal limits
  • Manage settings for SMS notifications on cash transactions
  • Replenish your card account


Online Loans

By using InecoOnline system you can apply for a loan from any point of the world and get it in 24/7 format without visiting any branch of the bank. Loan amount will be accessible on your existing current account within several seconds. With InecoOnline you can:

  • Apply and receive 1 CLICK online loan within 15 seconds
  • Apply for the credit line and choose the preferred limit
  • Make regularly, partial or full loan repayments online for you or others


Deposits Opening and Replenishment

InecoOnline provides the ability to make fixed rate and highly profitable deposits in just a few seconds without visiting the Bank. With InecoOnline you can:

  • Invest in online deposits
  • Replenish existing deposits
  • Edit your deposit agreement terms


Account Management

With InecoOnline, our customers can easily manage their accounts and control their funds and expenses. The system provides an opportunity to:

  • Open current accounts in four currencies
  • Change the existing tariff plan
  • Make intrabank and interbank transfers between accounts
  • Apply for money withdrawal
  • View and extract Account Statements
Payments and Transactions


Payments and Transfers

With InecoOnline system you can make daily payments as well as a carry out a number of other transactions, transfer money to your friend who has an account in Inecobank. InecoOnline provides the following opportunities:

    • Exchange currency
    • Make utility payments
    • Pay fines
    • Carry out fast money transfers
  • Transfer money to your friends who also have accounts in Inecobank

Online Banking

Account Management

Manage your bank accounts, make intra-bank, interbank and international money transfers, and different payments without visiting bank branches.

Attach your card of another bank

Attach cards issued by other banks and make transfers and payments using your

Fast and simple transactions

Create templates and make regular money transfers for faster and simpler transactions (direct debit) and your payments will be carried out automatically.

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