What is InecoMobile?

InecoMobile application is the best option from the modern mobile banking tools, which enables to make banking transactions anywhere, anytime in 24/7 format, by just having a smartphone with internet connection. Discover Inecomobile now. Download it from the App Store or Play Market.

apply for loans with InecoMobile application


Online Loan

Thanks to InecoMobile application, you can apply for a loan and get it at 24/7 from anywhere in the world. In case of a positive decision, the credit will be available on your current account within a few seconds.



Deposits Online

With InecoMobile application you can invest in highly profitable fixed rate deposits without visiting any branch of the bank. A few simple steps, and your deposit is ready. Depending on the deposit type, you can replenish or reduce it at any time.



How to activate paylater?

Apply through InecoMobile and get a permanently available paylater payment limit in seconds, 24/7 !




If you want to transfer money to your friend who is an Inecobank customer as well, then InecoFriend feature is designed specifically for you. Simply enter the phone number or email address of your friend, input the amount to be transferred, and confirm the transaction. The amount will be available on their current account in a matter of seconds.

Mobile Banking

Touch ID/Face ID

Enter the mobile application by using your biometric information.

Attach your card of another bank

Attach cards issued by other banks and make transfers and payments using your

Fast and simple transactions

Create templates and make regular money transfers for faster and simpler transactions (direct debit) and your payments will be carried out automatically.

Would you like to join?

Download InecoMobile application without any payment from Play Market or App Store online platforms.

Updated as of 20.12.2023 17:35