Inecobank's Vision

We strive to become a leading financial organization in our region with a capitalization of  USD 1bln within the next ten years.

Inecobank's Vission

Our mission is to create opportunities for people to realize their goals by providing financial services in line with their needs.


Inecobank's Values

Our values are the reflection of the Bank’s 20 plus years of history and are the guarantee for all our achievements. Not only are they essential for reaching our vision and mission, but they guide each InecoTeam member in the course of their communication with our partners, customers, and community stakeholders. Inecobank values are the cornerstone of the Bank’s activities and contribute to the development and implementation of innovative ideas and projects.


Honesty is a cornerstone value for our team and a distinct behavior pattern throughout the relationships with our stakeholders. For our team, honesty, based both on the legal and moral norms,  first and foremost, is the harmony of our thinking, activities, goals and the means to reach those goals.

We have the freedom to take initiatives and act decisively in the best interest of Inecobank and our customers. Freedom encourages innovation and leadership allowing our company and our team to develop.


Transparency is a core value on which Inecobank business is based on. We strive to live by that value regardless of whether we are seeing great growth or are going through challenging times.

The only way to achieve results and be successful is to build teams who engage and cooperate. We trust and respect each others opinion, as well as support all those who are ready to work and achieve success based on this core value of ours.

By saying professionalism, we complete the cycle of the most important values of Inecobank. We blend the freedom of action and creativity with the honesty and transparency of business style, thus building a team with the best professional and personal qualities.

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