Documentary Letter of credit

Letter of Credit

Inecobank Letter of Credit reduces transaction related risks. The letter is issued as proof that the transaction amount will be transferred to the seller once all the contractual obligations are fulfilled, and the relevant documentation is presented.

We introduce Letter of Credit, one of the most widely used and secure financial tools for international trade. It is a method, based on which the bank is obliged to make payments for the goods and services upon submission of the relevant documents by the supplier.


International Recognition


Over the past 20 years, Inecobank's international trade finance services have been recognized and awarded by such leading institutions as International Finance Corporation (IFC), German Commerzbank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and others.

Personal business consultant

A Personal Business Consultant
Inecobank’s business customers can direct all their financial questions to their personal business consultant or manager. Our specialists are ready to provide individualized consulting and information about various transactions.

Branches for business customers

Branches for business customers

We always prioritize the needs and requirements of our business customers and hence we offer them an opportunity to be served without queues at our business branches, where our experienced consultants will answer all of their questions.

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