Depositary Services

Depositary Services

Inecobank provides registry keeping services, which is the process of keeping and maintaining the records of security holders.


General Description

The Bank is a member of the Unified System of Securities Registration and Settlement. As an account operator, the Bank mediates registry keeping services provided by the Central Depository of Armenia (CDA).

Stocks, bonds and other financial instruments may be subject to the registry keeping service.

The registry keeping service is implemented based on the relevant agreement. Furthermore, a separate agreement is needed for each type of securities subject to registry keeping.  In the framework of registry keeping services, the Bank also executes registration of  the corporate actions of issuers, specifically

  • additional allocation of securities

  • transactions resulting from the amendment of nominal values of securities, consolidation and split of securities, conversion of one type of security to another type

  • corporate actions resulting from the reorganization of the issuer

  • corporate actions resulting from the redemption of securities

  • corporate actions resulting from the cancellation of securities

The registration of a corporate action in the system is carried out based on the relevant order and the necessary documents, the list of which can be found under CDA mediation procedure.

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