Current accounts for your business at Inecobank

Current accounts for your business

Entrust your corporate accounts to Inecobank. We always support small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large organizations and offer the best business banking opportunities customized to your business.

֏ $ ₽ €
5 000֏
Account opening one-off fee
Monthly service fee
Inecobank business special offer

Special Offer

"Three-in-One" package offer is designed for Inecobank's corporate customers. With only AMD 3 000 monthly payment you will get current account, business card and access to InecoOnline business system.
Business Card
Current Account
Online Banking

Why to choose Inecobank?

Personal business consultant

Get a personal manager in Inecobank

Become an Inecobank Business account holder and you will always have the opportunity to receive individual advice. Our specialists are by your side, ready to answer all your questions.

Digital business banking solutions

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Manage your bank accounts from any location, 24/7, via Inecobank's modern, fast and secure digital solutions. We highly value the information security of our corporate customers by providing them with built-in three-level login security protection as well as with two-level transaction verification solutions through InecoOnline system

Corporate branches

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The Inecobank business partners have the opportunity to be serviced in the Bank's corporate branches, avoiding queues. Our experienced consultants will assist you in any banking transaction based on the business needs of your organization. We value our customers' time and provide the best service!

Four instead of One

Four currency accounts instead of one

While opening a current account for your organization, based on your business requirements current accounts in other currencies will be opened at the same time with no additional service or opening fee.

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