Deposits for your business! Start saving today!

Let your business funds generate income! Invest your free funds in Inecobank's business deposit accounts and get a stable income for your business development. Regardless of the savings aim, our professional specialists will introduce you the most personalized and your business-oriented deposit option.
Up To12months
Maturity Period
7 - 8.9%
Annual interest rate
5Million AMD
and more - personalized approach

Why to choose Inecobank?

International guarantees for business deposits

International guarantees for deposits in Inecobank: Moody's Investors Service
The prominent international rating corporation, Moody’s Investors Service, assigned the B1 local currency long-term deposit and B2 foreign-currency long-term deposit ratings to Inecobank CSJC. The rating is supported by the established economic condition in Armenia (Moody’s: B1 with positive outlook) and is the possibly best index for the private organization. It reflects the bank's good loan book diversification; solid loss absorption capacity as evidenced by its high capital adequacy and good internal capital generation; stable funding and ample liquidity. 

Corporate branches

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The Inecobank business partners have the opportunity to be serviced in the Bank's corporate branches, avoiding queues. Our experienced consultants will assist you in any banking transaction based on the business needs of your organization. We value our customers' time and provide the best service!

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