Payment guarantees

Bank Guarantees

At Inecobank we offer our corporate customer Bank Guarantee to reduce the risks related to the payments and other commitments.

International Bank Guarantees provided by Inecobank are aimed at ensuring that our corporate customer's contractual obligations are fulfilled during the international transactions. Due to these guarantees, you can make payments for goods and services without the involvement of additional credit means.

Why to choose Inecobank?

Corporate Branches

We appreciate your business needs and look forward to providing the best customer experience to you. Experience benefits offered to Inecobank corporate customers! Enjoy without queue services at one of our corporate branches, where our professional and knowledgeable team of business consultants is always ready to provide suitable financial solutions tailored to your organizational needs.

Personal Manager

We always tend to offer our customers the services, which are customized to their organizational needs and requirements. And here is where our professional team of corporate managers plays a unique role. Taking into consideration your company goals and needs, they will introduce the exact banking solution and service that will help you discover business development new directions. 

International Recognition


Over the past 20 years, Inecobank's international trade finance services have been recognized and awarded by such leading institutions as International Finance Corporation (IFC), German Commerzbank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and others.

Types of Bank Guarantees

Types of Bank Guarantees

Inecobank offers various types of bank guarantee services to its customers. Each guarantee is applied to the relevant transaction, such as: bid bond guarantees, performance guarantees, advanced payment guarantees, and more. 

Digital Banking Solutions

Digital Banking Solutions

Manage your bank activities with our trendy and state-of-the-art digital solutions designed for corporate customers. Get access to your funds from anywhere and at any time. The InecoOne system comes with built-in security protection and verifications to ensure higher protection of your bank activities and data. 

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