Useful Information

  • RA Law on Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia (adopted on 05.05.1998, HՕ-239-N)
  • RA Law on Banks and Banking, 30.06.1996, HO-69
  • RA Law on Attraction of Bank Deposits, 17.06.08, HO-124-N 
  • RA Law on Guaranteeing the remuneration of bank deposits of physical entities (adopted on 24.11.2004, HO-142-N) 
  • RA Law on Bank Secrecy, 07.10.1996, HO-80 
  • RA Law on Currency regulation and currency control, 24.11.2004, HO-135-N 
  • RA Law on Transfer of funds by payment orders (adopted on 04.12.1996, HO-100) 
  • RA Law on Electronic document and electronic signature (adopted on 15.01.2005) 
  • RA Law on Profit tax (adopted on 30.09.1997) 
  • RA Law on Income tax (adopted on 27.12.1997) 
  • RA Law on Consumer crediting (adopted on 17.06.2008) 
  • RA Law on Financial System Mediator (adopted on 17.06.2008)
  • RA Law on Combating money laundering and terrorism financing 
  • CBA Decision on the “Order on submitting signatures sample cards to the taxation bodies upon opening bank accounts at the banks operating in the territory of RA”, 11.12.2001, N-319 
  • CBA Decision on the “Order on conducting transfers by periodic payment orders in the RA”, 1.02.2000, N-18 
  • CBA Decree on approving the “Order on issuing, servicing and circulation of cheques within RA”, 24.058.2005, N-238 
  • RA Government decision approving the “Order on setting requirements for documents substantiating the expenses and preparation of these documents”, 25.08.1998, N-525 
  • Currency regulation and control in the Republic of Armenia; 
  • Regulation 4/07 "Requirements for Investment Services Provider Performance"
  • Regulation 33 "Securities Custodial Activities"
  • The Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia 07.06.2013 "Government Securities Custodial Procedure" approved by Resolution N 132-N
  • Explanations and examples of calculation of annual actual interest rate
  • On the approval of Regulation 8.02 “On the calculation of annual yield of bank deposits”; 
  • Cash transactions in the banks operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia (Decision No. 199-N by Board of the CBA as of 04.05.2005); 
  • Procedure on making decision on the suspension of suspicious transaction or business relation or on blocking the financial means having connection with terrorism; 
  • CBA Decision on approving the Regulation 8/03 "On publication of information by banks, credit companies, insurance companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central Depositary, payments processing companies”, 02-06-2009, 166-N; 
  • Regulation 8/05 “On minimum requirements, forms and terms of the communication procedure between the Bank and depositor, creditor and consumer” (CBA Board Decision No. 229-N as of 28.07.2009).

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