Inecobank's Slogan: Value your time

Over 20 years of its activities the Bank has developed its a unique corporate style, enabling establishment of sensual and conscious relationship between the Bank and its customers.



It's not a secret that each day the world undergoes changes. In order to withstand the challenges of the rapidly developing markets, it is always necessary to come up with solutions consistent with those changes, which will be aimed at increasing the availability and rapidity of banking services. During its activities InecoBank has been continuously developing and presenting advanced digital solutions to the market, enabling to save the most valuable asset of its customers – their time.


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Our trademark comes from the word “ INECO”, which is the abbreviation of "Investments in Economy". The history of the Bank, its strengths, values and the needs of customers have been taken into account while developing the Bank's trademark.


The official logo of Inecobank is one of the most important elements, which has the value equivalent to the trademark. It symbolizes growth and development for the five interested parties of the Bank, which are: customers, partners, employees, shareholders and society.

The corporate logo represents four green equable right-angled triangles placed in two rows within virtual square, which together give the picture of an upward arrow, symbolizing upgrade, development, and future. Equality of sides of equable right-angled triangles symbolizes the equality of parties (bank-customer), right angle symbolizes the openness of rendered services, while the length of the hypotenuse symbolizes the solid base of the Bank. The green colour of the Bank's corporate logo symbolizes youth, innovation, credibility, comfort and convenience.



Inecobank is committed to promoting its customers well-being and their  business development thorugh constantly improving and expanding the quality and the types of services provided by the Bank, and bringing them in compliance with its the customer needs.


Valuing the importance of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, we strive to be honest partners.



The Bank develops thanks to hard work of its staff, which assists in the implementation of goals adopted by the Bank. The Bank, in its turn makes every efforts to help each employee feel like a member of Inecofamily, by ensuring career and professional growth.


By developing the Bank, we create additional values for our shareholders.



Remaining committed to the social equality principles, at Inecobank we strive to contribute to the development of the RA economy and to the improvement of the well-being of the general population.

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