Open pension account with Inecobank!

Open pension account with Inecobank!

Are you looking for a pension management secure means? Inecobank offers pensioner customers visit any branch of the bank and open a special pension account (ArCa Pension Card Account). You can withdraw cash from any ATM of the branch without any commission fees.
Account opening one-off fee
Cash withdrawal

Why Inecobank

Four Instead One

Four currency accounts instead of one

Why should you open one account when you can have four with the price of one? We provide our pensioner customers the best banking services; therefore next to the Pension account we also open accounts in four currencies: AMD, USD, EURO, and RUB.

Access to Digital Solutions

Trendy digital solutions

At Inecobank we highly prioritize the quality and accessibility of the services provided to our customers, and hence when opening a bank account, we offer you access to our digital solutions: InecoOnline and InecoMobile application. Now you can manage your accounts from any place of the world 24/7.

Updated as of 10.05.2021 11:19