Shareholders and Investors

Dividends payment policy

Decision on dividend distribution is made at the bank annual general meeting.

Announcement on the payment of dividends

On April 20, 2023 the General Meeting of Shareholders of INECOBANK CJSC decided to distribute dividends of AMD 13,000,201,500 (AMD 71,500 per share) payable according to the preconditions set by the AGM.

Announcement for the Bank shareholders

According to Section 4 of Article 43 under the RA Law on “Banks and Banking” each equity holder of Inecobank CJSC has the right to be provided with the copies of the banks last Annual report and the external audit conclusion.

Each equity holder possessing 2 % and more of the allocated voting shares (stocks, equity stake interests) has the right of receiving all the information defined in Section 4 and 5 of Article 43 under the RA Law “On Banks and Banking”.

You can find the concerned law on the website of Inecobank in the Regulation section.

The Bank provides the aforesaid information FREE of CHARGE within three business days after receiving the written request from the equity holder.

The written request may be submitted in the following ways:

  • personally to Bank Head Office or any branch
  • via e-mail:

  • via mail : 17 Tumanyan str., Yerevan 0001, Armenia

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