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Point of sale Loans

If you plan to buy households appliances, furniture or construction materials; use touristic, medical and other services but do not have enough funds, Inecobank suggests to apply for a point of sale loan. The necessary funding will be available to you in a matter of minutes at the point of the sale without the need to visit the bank.

Loan amount
AMD 30 000 – AMD 5 000 000

Maturity term

3 - 72 months

Annual nominal interest rate

0 - 21.7% 

Annual interest rate

0 - 23.99% 

Monthly service fee

0 - 1.5% of the initial loan amount




The purchased good

Maximum LVR ratio


Repayment of overdue liabilities

For each delayed day, a penalty is applied  in the sum of 0.13%

 of the overdue amount.

Early repayment fee

Not applicable

Loan disbursement duration

5-15 minutes
Loan interest rate is calculated based on the nominal interest rate, whereas the annual percentage rate indicates how much the loan  would cost in case of repayment of interest amount and other payments under the defined timeline and terms. For more information please refer to the "Annual Interest Rate Calculation Guide". 

Computers and Computer Equipment
Medical Centers
Car Service
Renovation materials
Solar Panels

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