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5mln ֏
Maximum Limit
Availabe limit
Maximum Period
Type of service
Payment limit provided online through InecoMobile system
Method of provision

Annual nominal interest rate
0 %
Annual actual interest rate
0 %
 Payment limit amount
100 000 –5 000 000 

Payment limit term
10 years 

Transaction amount within the limit
30 000 - 5 000 000 
Transaction amount repayment period
3 or 6 months, depending on the terms of cooperation between the Bank and the relevant partner trade and service center
Service fee
Not defined
Cash withdrawal fee
Cash withdrawal is not allowed
Early repayment of transaction amount
The transaction amount can be repaid to the Bank early at any time without any payment/fees
Payment method

Equal monthly payments of the transaction amount provided within the limit

Other terms

The customer has the opportunity to make the monthly payment of the transaction amount in one of the following 3 ways:

  • on the repayment day by 24:00, fully making the regular payment, in case of which the annual nominal interest rate will be 0%
  • moving the regular payment to the next month based on the application submitted through InecoMobile system, in case of which the monthly payments defined by the repayment schedule are skipped for one month respectively. Moreover, the customer can use the opportunity to postpone the monthly payment:
    • once, in case of a 3-month repayment term for transaction amount
    • Twice, in case of a 6-month repayment term for the transaction amount, except for 2 consecutive months.
    • In cases of using the option of regular monthly loan payment shift, the actual annual interest rate of the loan will be 1. 11% - 19.04%, depending on the loan amount, the quantity the specified option was used and the month of the loan the Customer used this option.
  • Not to use the opportunity provided to him/her by point 1, having the opportunity to make the payment * on the following terms:
    • Service term: 24 months
    • Annual nominal interest rate: 19.5%
    • Repayment method: annuity, equal payment of principal and interest
    • Annual actual interest rate - 21.34%
    • Other terms in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tariffs provided for funding the transaction amount within the payment limit set by the tariffs

The customer cannot use this opportunity if:

  • The balance to be paid on the day of the regular payment does not exceed 1,000 AMD
  • On the day of the regular payment, the balance of the transaction amount does not exceed the minimum threshold of the transaction amount within the Limit set by this document.

  • On the day of the regular payment, the customer has classified loans.

 * The new schedule is formed automatically on the day of the regular monthly payment at 24:00, after which it is sent to the customer.

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