Floating interest mortgage loans for property acquisition purposes

Floating Interest Mortgage Loans

Looking for a new apartment? Financial issues are not a hindrance! At Inecobank we offer you floating interest based mortgage loans with attractive terms.

Personal resources
starting from13%
Annual interest rate
80 000 000֏
Maximum amount
Minimal Prepayment
Maximal Period

Mortgage Calculator

Yearly percent
600 000֏
Min prepayment
157 238֏
Necessary gross income
70 757֏
End Of Period

Why to choose Inecobank?

Fast Decision-Making Process

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We value the time of our customer and always strive to provide the best banking services in a quick and convenient option. The customer is informed about the mortgage provision decision in avarage within 3 business days. 

Early repayments

Аt Inecobank we do not apply fees when you want to repay your mortgage loan earlier than the deadline stipulated by the contract. Hence, customer who applied for mortgage loans for the acquisition, renovation and construction purpose, can repay their loans without worrying about additional fees related to early repayments.

Floating terms

Mortgage advantages in Inecobank: Floating interest rate
At Inecobank we offer beneficial terms for the mortgage loans with floating interest rate. The proposed loans are with provided based on fixed interest terms for the first three years, and later on the floating interest rate. 

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