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Mortgage Loans in USD

Do you want to buy an apartment or house? Do not delay! At Inecobank, we provide mortgage loans with favorable terms for the purchase of residential real estate.

Personal resources
Loan Amount
3 000 - 150 000
Interest type
Annual nominal interest rate
10 - 13%
Annual percentage rate
Loan maturity period
- minimum 36 months
- maximum 120 months
maximum LTV ratio for the acquired property is 70%
Prepayment amount
at least 30 %, or 0%, if along with the acquired property another property is pledged
Account service additional one-off fee
0.5% of the loan amount, but not less than AMD 60 000
Loan withdrawal fee
Property insurance is required if:
  • LVR ratio exceeds 60%, or
  • loan amount exceeds USD 20 000
Property is insured in the amount equal to the loan amount.
  • Life insurance may be required in the amount equal to the loan amount.
A guarantee of a family member, physical or legal entity may be required
Loan provision method
non -cash
Loan repayment method
  • monthly principal is repaid in equal installments
  • monthly equal repayments (annuity)
Repayment of overdue liabilities
For each delayed day, a 0.13%

penalty is applied on the overdue amount.
Early repayment fee
Early repayment fee may be applied based on the RA Law "On Housing Mortgage Loans"
Deadline of making the loan provision decision and notifying the customer
2-5 business days
Loan provision duration

7-10 business days
ATTENTION: Loan interest rate is calculated based on the nominal interest rate, whereas the annual percentage rate indicates how much the loan would cost in case of repayment of interest amount and other payments under the defined timeline and terms. For more information please refer to the "Annual Interest Rate Calculation Guide". 

Loan amount: AMD  10 000 000

Maturity period: 240 months

Annual interest rate: 11%

Account service additional one-off fee: AMD 60 000

Property assessment fee: AMD 15 000

Unified certificate from cadastre: AMD 10 000

Pledge agreement notary ratification fee: AMD 25 000

Pledge rights registration fee: AMD 26 000

Annual percentage rate: 11.57%

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