National mortgage company loans for Yerevan property acquisiotn

National Mortgage Company Mortgage Loans

Do you want to acquire real estate property in Yerevan? Apply for mortgage loans in Inecobank! Within the framework of "National Mortgage Company" receive loans with beneficial terms.
National Mortgage Company
Loan amount
  • Non EE loans -  1 500 000 - 60 000 000 AMD

  • EE loans - 3 000 000 - 45 000 000 AMD
Interest rate type


Proportionately to the change in the refinanced interest rates of the loans refinanced by the NMC RCC and/or to the termination of refinancing. The maximum adjusted (increasing or decreasing) part of the Fixed Interest Rate cannot exceed 3 (three) percentage points. The Fixed Interest Rate cannot be changed during the first three years of the loan validity term.

Borrower's age

The borrower's age at the end of the loan term cannot exceed 70 years. In the existence of a co-borrower, the specified requirement refers to at least one of the borrowers.

Annual nominal interest rate
  • In case of up to 45,000,000 AMD EE loans:
     ․ for property acquisition - 12.8%
     ․ for repair - 14.8%
     ․ for construction - 13.8%
  • In case of up to 35,000,000 AMD non EE loans:
     ․ for property acquisition: 13.3%
     ․ for repair: 15.3%
     ․ for construction - 14.3%
  • In case of non EE loans higher than 35,000,000 AMD:
     for property acquisition: 16%
     for repair: 17.9%
     for construction - 16.9%

Annual percentage rate
  • In case of up to 45,000,000 AMD EE loans:
    ․ for property acquisition: 14․19-15.88%
    ․ for repair: 16․51-19․08%
    ․ for construction: 15․34-16․73%

  • In case of up to 35,000,000 AMD non EE loans:
    ․ for property acquisition: 14․76-17․69%
    ․ for repair: 17․1-22․37%
    ․ for construction: 15.92-18.83%

  • In case of non-EE loans higher than 35,000,000 AMD :
     for property acquisition: 17.88-18.43%
     for repair: 20․14-20․65%
     For construction: 18.93-19․17%

Maturity period
- minimum 120 months
- maximum 180 months
Maximum value of the acquired real estate
  • In case of loans up to 35,000,000 AMD, the maximum amount of and the estimated market value is 55 million AMD.
  • In case of loans exceeding 35,000,000 AMD, the maximum amount of real estate acquisition and the estimated market value is 90 million AMD.
Down payment
  • at least 30%,
  • or at least 10%, if the another property is pledged apart from the acquired property
  • at least 7.5% for unmarried borrowers aged 30, if the property is acquired from the construction company and another property is pledged apart from the acquired property
maximum LTV ratio for the acquired property is 70%
Account service one-off fee
0.5% of loan amount, but not less than AMD 60 000
Loan withdrawal fee
For acquisition - 0%
For renovation and construction - according to the relevant bank account tariff plan
  • Property insurance in the sum equal to the loan balance
  • Accident insurance of the borrower and co-borrower (if applicable) in the sum equal to the loan balance. 
Guarantee of a family member, other physical or legal entity may be required
Repayment method
  • monthly principal is repaid in equal installments
  • monthly equal repayments (annuity)
Repayment of overdue liabilities
For each delayed day, a 0.13%

 penalty is applied on the overdue amount.
Early repayment fee
Not Applied
Deadline of making the loan provision decision and notifying the customer
2-5 business days 
Loan provision duration 

7-10 business days
Loan interest rate is calculated based on the nominal interest rate, whereas the annual percentage rate indicates how much the loan  would cost in case of repayment of interest amount and other payments under the defined timeline and terms. For more information please refer to the "Annual Interest Rate Calculation Guide". 

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