Money Gram

Money Gram

Inecobank recommends to use MoneyGram money transfer system, which enables to effect fast money transfers to more than 200 countries worldwide, without opening a bank account. The transferred funds will be available for cash pick-up within 10 minutes after sending.

Directions of the transfers

The transfers are being effected to/from with 190 countries worldwide

Currency of transfers


Maximum amount per transfer

9999 USD

How the system works

In order to effect a payment you need to:

  • Visit any of our branches, check if MoneGram service is available at the location where you desire to transfer funds

  • Present you photo ID to Bank's clerk, specify the country, city and full legal name (first name, last name, father's name (is applicable) of the beneficiary (the system requires to provide beneficiary's passport details when transferring significant amounts)

  • Pay the sum and fees

At the end you will be given a receipt, confirming that the payment is completed

Timing of funds availability

Money is ready for cash pickup within 10 minutes after the transfer has been sent successfully

How to Receive funds

In order to receive funds you must:

  • Visit any of our branches, present your photo ID,
  • Provide the Reference Number given to you by the sender (you may be required to answer a security question as well) and receive the money without any fees.

The sum is being paid in USD of EUR, depending on the currency specified by the sender.

Payment of transferred USD, EUR FX
  • In the Bank branches, for the Bank’s account holders and non-account holders - cash, in AMD
  • Through InecoOnline/InecoMobile remote control systems, in case there is an application for transfer receipt by the Bank's account holders – non-cash, also in foreign currency

Payment cancelation and amendment

The sending party can cancel the payment or amend beneficiary's details:

  • You can cancel the payment by visiting the branch from which they payment has been effected and present your picture ID and the  Reference Number, only in case If the beneficiary has not received the money.

  • The sender will receive the funds on the same day, excluding the fee paid.

  • In case if the beneficiary doesn't show up within 180 days, the funds will be returned and the sending party can receive the sum, excluding commissions. The sender must present photo ID, provide the Reference Number.

Attention։ If you signed sign an agreement on "Effecting money transfers via SMS or a phone call", in order to use the service you must: 

  • Make a phone call to the following number: 08000-1212 or send an SMS to the number 099-120220*, specify

  • The bank account number, on which you wish to receive money,

  • Name of the payment system,

  • Country from which the money has been sent,
  • Full name of the sender,

  • The exact amount and the currency of the transfer,

  • The Reference Number and the password provided when signing the agreement.

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