Travel Insurance

Insure yourself while travelling

By obtaining a travel insurance policy, you will minimize possible issues and expenditures arising during your trip.

We offer health insurance in any country. In case of unexpected accidents, you can receive medical help without complications and additional costs.

Wherever you are, the insurance contract guarantees the following:

  • Provision of emergency and other medical services,

  • Organization of a home visit of medical professional,

  • Regulation of all the administrative documentation issues
  • Support in communicating with the medical staff

In order to obtain Travel insurance, the Insurant must present an ID.

The cost of the insurance policy depends on the number of travel days, the country to visit and the age of the insured person but it allows to reimburse up to € 30.000 for medical services. Accident insurance policy shall enter into force at 00:00 of the day following its signing but it may enter into force later at your own request. The contract shall terminate at the end of the contract period or after the Insurer has fulfilled its obligations in full.

Insurance companies

Inecobank cooperates with a range of leading insurance companies, providing insurance services to its customers. Insurance policies can be obtained at any of our branches.


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