Fast Consumer Loan

Get express consumer loans in Inecobank!

Apply for Express consumer loans in Inecobank without any proof of income, guarantor or pledge, and get the loan amount in up to 15 minutes on average.

Max Period
200 000 -10million ֏
Maximum Loan Amount
Up to1minutes
Loan Disbursement Period

Loan calculator

Annual interest rate
50 408֏
Monthly repayment


Simplified Procedures


Inecobank has simplified the process of providing consumer loans. Therefore, you can get a loan by presenting only your passport and social security card. Express consumer loans are provided without any proof of income, collateral or pledge.

Simple and Convenient

Online Banking

Inecobank has designed an uncomplicated and convenient loan provision procedure. To form a express consumer loan, you merely need to visit one of the branches for physical persons, fill in the loan application form and the loan will be provided in cash, without a credit card.

Updated as of 16.05.2023 13:41