Order Visa Classic cards in Inecobank!

Order Visa Digital cards

Purchases and online payments with Inecobank Visa Digital cards are now more convenient than ever. Add Visa Digital also to Apple Pay and Google Pay e-wallets and, in addition to cashless transactions, enjoy the possibility of cash withdrawal from ATMs also with a digital card.
Card account currency 

֏ $ € ₽
Card validity
3 year
Card account annual service fee (AMD)


Lump-sum card service fee
Card type
Visa Digital
Card order method
Via the InecoOnline/InecoMobile systems

Annual interest rate calculated on the positive balance of the card account
Attached card possibility
The maximum number of Visa Digital cards for each customer, in each currency (AMD, USD, EUR, RUB) can not exceed 2 cards.
Cash-out without card use at Inecobank cash desks
  • For AMD: 0,2%, but not less than 500 AMD
  • For RUB: 0,5%, but not less than 2 000 AMD
  • For USD: 1%, but not less than 2 000 AMD
  • For EURO: 1%, but not less than 2 000 AMD
Transfer from card account onto other bank accounts of the same customer (only via InecoOnline, InecoMobile systems)
Cash withdrawal at ArCa system partner bank ATMs
Cash withdrawal fee when using ATMs out of ArCa system
2%,  but no less than AMD 1 500
Card-to-card transfer
SMS messages for the performed transactions
15 AMD each, if the customer wants to receive an SMS.

SMS messages are sent for transactions exceeding 1000 AMD/2 USD/2 EUR/125 RUB unless otherwise ordered by the customer.
Free of charge
Early closure of the card account
Free of charge

Updated as of 28.03.2024 10:11