Open InecoSave saving account with Inecobank

Open InecoSave savings account with Inecobank

With "InecoSave" you can replenish and withdraw money from your savings account whenever you want, at the same time during withdrawal the accrued interest is preserved. It is easy to save with us! 

֏ $ ₽ €
Capitalization of interest with InecoSave
Capitalization of interest
Account opening one-off fee

Savings Account Calculator

Annual interest rate
7 075֏
Interest amount before taxation
206 359֏
Total amount after taxation

Why Inecobank

Ensure Flexibility

Ensure Flexibility with InecoSave

With InecoSave savings account, you can replenish or withdraw funds at any time, thus ensuring easy access to necessary funds at any time.

High Profitability

Get high yield percentage with Inecosave.

InecoSave enables you to deposit with beneficial interest rate without worrying about the risk of losing the capitalized interests.

Freedom of Actions

Freedom of actions with InecoSave

To use the capitalized savings you need to visit any branch of Inecobank and cash out the sum from the account. Additionally, with InecoOnline and InecoMobile you can quickly transfer the required amount from your savings account to current or card accounts to freely manage those funds. 

Updated as of 13.03.2024 14:20