Shareholders and Investors

International Finance Corporation
The International Finance Corporation is a member of the World Bank Group and aims to develop private sector in developing economies with sustainable investments, contributing to poverty reduction and improving people's livelihoods. Inecobank has been cooperating with IFC since 2006.
Developing World Markets

DWM is an emerging and boundary market investment manager the investments of which are aimed at income generation according to the risk level for investors and considerable environmental and social improvements for the developing world. DWM believes that the private sector and capital markets can and should be used to make positive economic, environmental and social changes. Inecobank has been cooperating with DWM since 2011. 

Symbiotics's main goal is to support micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as low-income households. Symbiotics aims to realize it by offering specialized investment solutions linking socially responsible investors, small and medium-sized enterprises and developing projects in low-income economies in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South-East and Central Asia. Inecobank has been cooperating with Symbiotics for microfinancing since 2010.
agRIF Cooperatief U.A.
agRIF is a third-generation fund, followed by the Rural Impulse Fund and the Rural Impulse Fund II, which contributes to the rural sector's financial investments. agRIF has brought this model a step forward as a special target especially for the agricultural sector, small farmers, and rural micro entrepreneurs. agRIF has been a shareholder of Inecobank from 2018 to 2022.
European Fund for SouthEast Europe

The European Fund for SouthEast Europe (EFSE) is more than just a fund, the structure of its public-private partnership - the European Fund for SouthEast Europe in the 21st century made the international role of intellectual and innovative development policy. Inecobank  has been cooperating with EFSE since 2012 to strengthen Inecobank's funding base, by attracting credit facilities, enabling the Bank to further support micro and small businesses in the country.

FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank
FMO is a Dutch Development Bank, which has invested for more than 45 years in developing countries and emerging markets. Its mission is to develop businessmen, to build a better world. FMO invests in areas where investments can have a long-term impact: in financial institutions, energy and agrobusiness. FMO has an investment portfolio of 85 billion euros, which is included in 85 countries, FMO is among the largest private sector development banks in the world. Inecobank has been cooperating with FMO since 2015.
OPEC Fund for International Development
The International Development Fund (OFID) of the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was established by Member States in 1976. Financing methods include public and private sector loans for development projects and programs. Inecobank has been cooperating with OFID since 2008, the funds of which are used to support Trade Finance and Small and Medium Enterprise Development.
Habitat for Humanity Armenia
“Habitat for Humanity Armenia” is the national office of  “Habitat for Humanity International”, which believes  that everyone should have a decent place in his life. Inecobank has been cooperating with “Habitat for Humanity Armenia” since 2011 in the renovation of multi-apartment buildings in Armenia.
Incofin Investment Management
As a private social investment company, Incofin invests in microfinance institutions that help entrepreneurs create their own business and thus get the opportunity to improve their living conditions. Inecobank has been cooperating with Incofin in the field of microfinance since 2008.

DEG, a member of KfW Bankengruppe (KfW bank group), sponsors private companies’ investments in emerging and transition countries. As one of the largest European financial institutions, it contributes to private businesses to provide sustainable economic growth and improve living conditions. Since July, 2007 Inecobank has been participating in Small and Medium Enterprise Financing and Mortgage Financing Programs, implemented by DEG.

responsAbility Investments AG
ResponsAbility Investments AG is one of the world's leading asset managers in the sector of investments and offers specialized investment solutions both to private and institutional investors. The Company's investment vehicle debt and equity financing in developing countries and undeclared companies  in developing countries. Since March, 2007 Inecobank has been cooperating with the "Responsibility" program with the mission of developing the microfinance sector in Armenia.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The EBRD, which is owned by 61 countries and two intergovernmental institutions, is investing in Central European and Central Asian countries aimed at promoting market economy and democracy. Inecobank is cooperating with the EBRD in the framework of Small and Medium Enterprise Lending and Trade Promotion Guarantees Program. In 2015, EBRD became a shareholder of Inecobank, by acquiring 22.7% of its shares and investing $ 20 million.
BlueOrchard Finance S.A

Founded in 2001, BlueOrchard has invested $ 4 billion in more than 70 emerging and border markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. BlueOrchard's vision has contributed to financial inclusion and global prosperity. Inecobank has been cooperating with “BlueOrchard Finance S.A” since 2010.

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