Security custody services

Security Custodial Services

Securities custody service is the activity of securities safekeeping, data recording and transferring the rights arising from securities ownership. Custodial services are available both for individual and institutional customers who are the owners or nominees of securities issued by other entities. Custodial services can be applied to securities issued and traded in the Republic of Armenia as well as foreign securities.

Government Bonds

In the framework of government bond custody services, Inecobank offers to its customers the following:

  • Opening and maintaining custody accounts

  • Providing operations through custody accounts

  • Providing account statements and reports on the transactions made through the accounts

  • Crediting the bonds repayments and accrued interest received to the customer’s account

The Bank provides custody services and opens a custody account on behalf of the customer based on the custody agreement. The agreement does not have a termination date.

Signing a custody agreement and opening a custody account do not require an immediate deposit of securities into the custody account.

Custody of securities does not lead to the transfer of ownership rights to the Bank. 

Documents required for signing a custody agreement and opening a custody account are listed below:

For individuals

  • Account opening application

  • Copy of document, verifying Account Holder’s identity

  • Copy of document, verifying RA resident account holder’s public services number (or social card) or notice on not having such, in case of non-resident account holders – a copy (if available) of the document verifying other equivalent number identifying the person

  • Other documents required by the internal acts of the Bank

For institutional customers

  • Account opening application

  • A copy of the document verifying state registration

  • A copy of the document verifying TIN or other equivalent number (if available)

  • Copy of Charter

  • The list of individuals appointed to act on behalf of the  customer without a power of attorney and copies of documents verifying their appointments

  • Other documents required by the internal acts of the Bank

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